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So, this happened!

When the Doctor Asks... the answer is always YES!

Me, at the Renn Faire 2013

Chez le Chat

So it has been a coon's age (whatever that means, a colloquialism from my modest upbringing) since I posted. I should speak up and let everyone know that I have not, indeed, been slain and consumed by my new kittens. I look at my LJ everyday, but lurk more than journal.

Here's what I've been doing this summer:
Remember when they looked like this?

And then THIS happened...Collapse )
It is so lovely to be a kitteh-mama again. Every scratch and every purr is heaven.
Naps are sweet. photo 189998_10200824366747269_964166916_n.jpg

My new kittens Micajah (white paws, stripes and patches, violent temperament) and Mojo (tiny tabbico with spots and some stripes, slightly less homicidal tendency) are pictured above, napping peacefully. This is not what they look like now. I'd show you a picture of what they are doing now, but they are literally racing around the house so fast, all I see is blue and red Doppler Effect streaks.

They always get a little wound up when I clean the litter boxes. Mostly, I have to confess this with a wicked grin, because I sing a certain song while I'm cleaning. I sing the song of The Poop Thief, and it gets them so wound up it is hilarious.
With expressions of great offense on their small, cute, furry faces, they watch me scoop out the boxes and put in clean litter. Then they race around, biting the shit out of anything that moves, mostly each other, and track through the clean litter.

Afterward, there are kitty treats to be had, and nap time when they finally exhaust themselves.
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Please welcome Mac and Mojo!

A home isn't a home without kittehs. My home isn't, anyway. Since my dear Zaphod and Pippin departed last year, I have been healing and hoping for new friends to lavish with the love that my boys taught me to share.

Mr Mervyn Softpaws
Mr. Mervyn Softpaws has done much to comfort my loss, but he spends most of his time catting around the neighborhood. I began to yearn for close cuddles and purr-bandits.

Last Friday I was honored to be allowed to adopt two brothers into my home. Here they are:
Mac and Mojo first dinner
Mac has white booties and sharp pointies. He's
a little bigger than his brother, but usually loses
the wrestling matches.
Micajah (Mac) kitteh at 8 weeks
Mojo is quick and hard to catch in a picture. He
has a red patch on his little nugget and motley
patterns on his paws.
Mojo the mighty

Mervyn and the lads talk and play through and under the door of the small room that has been designated 'Save Kitteh Zone'. They get out to explore while I am home.  They are both very good at using the litter box for what it is for. Yay!

I have scratches on my hands and bite-marks on my ankles. I haven't been this happy in months. I miss my lads. I tell my new boys about them and give them all the love I've learned from them.

Goodbye, Zaphod

Zaphod has begun his Forever Nap. The best kitty and friend that I could hope for, I miss him terribly.


Hotel Kitty

My AC croaked today, so I moved my kittehs and myself into a hotel. My poor lads were suffering at 88 degrees in my apartment by the time I found a place with room that would accept my cats. We're all very comfortable with the AC running and lots of new corners and under-beds to investigate. I'm going to go take a shower and a nap.

And yes, I will be showing the bill to my maintenance man, who I think will reimburse me for the expenses. Especially since I've been asking him to replace that dinosaur unit for about four years.

Watch. This will be the last hot weekend of the summer, and in a month's time, I'll be complaining about being too cold! lol

Kitteh snuggles and whisker kisses!


Find a book, save my sanity

 Okay, fellow bookworms,
I've been asked by a friend to find a book. They read it a loooong time ago, back in high school, as part of their reading curriculum. We can't remember the title, or the author, but we believe the book was copyright in 1850, and is about a man who is in an asylum, who imagines that he leads a normal life outside.

My only other clue is that the book is seen in 'You've Got Mail" but since the entire story is about bookstores, that clue doesn't help me much!

If this sets off any bells, please comment. I haven't a clue, and it is driving me crazy! lol


Alas! Poor Keurig; I knew him, Horatio...

Draining the last drops from my one cup of coffee.
It's like a Shakespearean tragedy. Only with more drama.


Immortal in my memory

I didn't have to run home from school to watch this-I wasn't in school yet! But I did love "Dark Shadows" with a passion.
Requiescat in pace, Mr. Frid. You helped ignite my imagination.

Jonathan Frid of ‘Dark Shadows’ dead at 87 - Chicago Sun-Times

I'd like to order a new pair of eyeballs, pls

Because mine are just weird.

I went back to the eye doctor this morning, to ask if I could get my prescription adjusted. It didn't make sense to me that I should see WORSE wearing glasses than without them. Sure, I can read small print if I hold it close to my nose, but everything beyond is a gradually increasing blur. So the question has become: see everything except what I'm trying to read up-close, or be able to read up close and everything else is blurry.

So Dr. W (a different lady that I saw the first time, Dr. S) gave me a going-over, tested me with and without my specs, and gave me a new prescription that was completely different from the first one I got. So different, in fact, that the gal at the lab had to double-check before she would proceed to reorder my glasses! lol

And they want me to go in and get my eyes dilated. Again. *sigh*

Could be worse! I know that, and I count my many blessings ... such as my marvelous ((((Flist))))



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